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Eastridge is a 1.4 million-square-foot, two-level regional center located southeast of downtown San Jose, Calif. In 2017, the asset underwent major interior and exterior renovations, with the Eastridge Mural Program playing a key role in exterior beatification. The program would demonstrate the center’s commitment to urban renewal and growth in the neighborhood.
By establishing a visual public presence from the street, Eastridge hoped to engage the community in celebrating art, while drawing traffic to the center and solidifying the center as a cultural hub and a catalyst for public art in a private space. With a dedication to fostering community collaboration and partnerships, the program commenced with a call for local and world-renowned artists to reimagine 20,000-square-feet of blank exterior brick, stucco and tiled walls into transformed, expansive murals. Four burgeoning artists were selected to create timeless, eclectic pieces that resulted in the world’s largest collection of outdoor murals on a shopping center.


In 2018, Northpark underwent a major redevelopment with a focus on digital experiences throughout the center. These experiences included a custom designed, interactive touch- screen game wall, a large scale media wall, digital directories, custom games with input from Gen Z, digital advertising opportunities and digital activations around each new element. The digital experiences kicked off during grand opening weekend in mid-Nov. 2018 with a video gaming tournament, a sports game viewing party, kids activities, advertiser promotions and more. Activations around the digital elements continued through the holidays and into 2019, proving to add value to the customer experience at Northpark.


With $7 billion in global box office sales and more than 450 million books sold worldwide in 78 languages, the Harry Potter film series has taken the world by storm. In May 2017, in partnership with Warner Bros. Consumer Products (WBCP), GES Events offered an exclusive opportunity for the newly renovated Shops at South Town to host Christmas in the Wizarding World, a Harry Potter themed retail experience. Christmas in the Wizarding World brought holiday magic to over 90,000 fans visiting the center from November to January. Christmas in the Wizarding World, a first of its kind retail experience, was reminiscent of the setting and atmosphere of a wintry Hogsmeade Village. The experience included dramatic displays, animated window features, and several interactive elements. The special event increased center sales by 10.05%, dining terrace sales by 50%, website visits by 200%, and exceeded proforma objectives by 30%.


In January 2018, Yorktown Center strategized to create a unique way to incorporate a $10 billion industry trend to improve an underutilized area of the Center. A vacant exterior façade had been transformed to house new tenants – all with a leasing focus on fitness and beauty. Marketing partnered with leasing to position the newly renovated area as the “Self- Care precinct” and activated the destination to spread awareness and ensure tenant success. Featuring a premium selection of national brands, the team collaborated with a famed international street artist to create a custom mural that would solidify the Precinct as a public gathering place and spread awareness via social media.


Sneakerhead has become Westchester’s premier sneaker expo for collectors to buy, sell, and trade the most sought- after footwear and streetwear. Brought back by popular demand and relocated to the Galleria at White Plains, it is the only event of its kind in Westchester County. In collaboration with one of the center’s pop-up shop operators and well known premium sneaker source, The Galleria at White Plains hosts the annual Sneakerhead Expo. Sneakerhead includes entertainment, vendors, philanthropy and a gaming tournament. With help from an influencer host and strategic marketing, Sneakerhead attracts a new demographic to the center, while increasing traffic and sales at a nominal cost.


With the goal of generating a leasing pipeline of local culinary professionals, marketing set out to support leasing at The Shops at South Town, UT; Eastridge, CA; Yorktown Center, IL; and Northpark, MS. By creatively marketing tenant allowances and an enticing lease package, we created and trademarked the culinary competition Taste for the Space. Local chefs compete to win 6 months free rent, a $50,000 investment and a turn-key dining space. The concept proved to be successful in identifying and securing local and regional food purveyors. Aligning with key partners, 12+ competitors in each city comprised of some of the best culinary businesses in their markets were secured and each event sold out to 1,000+ attendees. Through combined attendee text votes and judging panel scores, winners at each center were selected. Each winners’ 6 month prize quickly evolved into permanent leases. Additionally, LOIs and leases were secured from nonwinning competitors due to relationships formed throughout the event and a robust pipeline of food operators was born.


The Shops at South Town completed an interior renovation in 2018, however the exterior façade was left bare of improvements. With limited funds, the team enacted a creative solution to involve their city council. Envisioning exterior blank walls as an opportunity to cultivate the arts, the team garnered the city’s partnership to fund a public art program. The $85,000 contribution began what is now an ongoing city-funded arts initiative showcasing public art. Activating walls with art created synergy between the center’s picturesque backdrop and the urban meets mountain renovation theme. Featuring three artists, the murals serve as a tangible touch point inspiring lasting community engagement.


In today’s online shopping era, as landlords we must constantly evaluate how to capture online to offline sales. ShareRails provides an opportunity to drive local online searches to our centers. This innovative technology allows consumers in the surrounding area to search for products online and find them at their local shopping center, providing our tenants the ability to compete with online giants. Pacific Retail embarked to test the platform and then launched it at select Centers nationwide. The platform makes retailer products searchable and discoverable online, enhances center websites, increases online results, drives traffic to our merchants and boost our consumer experience. This new channel also enables us to track consumer preferences which are later used to drive personalized digital content. Branding the platform as “Virtual Shopper”, we were able to digitize our center catalogs and drive incredible results, providing a clear online-to-offline path to purchase.


CosmeCon was an inaugural beauty and cosmetics convention hosted by Eastridge Center in partnership with 14 local, international, and digitally-native cosmetic brands. In addition to spotlighting the hottest beauty brands of 2019, the event focused on female empowerment and inner-beauty with this first-to-market event. Brand partners hosted pop-up shops, mini-workshops and tutorials, beauty services, giveaways, and a ticketed keynote MAC Cosmetics Masterclass. Guests were able to learn and shop while exploring center-wide photo ops and lounges and sharing their experiences via social media. A Women’s Entrepreneur Discussion Panel kicked off the event prior to the main shopping experience and affirmation and positivity workshops were hosted throughout the day. The one-day experience welcomed over 1,000 guests and participating retailers saw an average year-over-year sales increase of 222%.