Pacific Retail Management Services

Pacific Retail properties’ best in class property management services continue to set a new standard for strong fiscal operations, data-driven decision making, community programming that drives retailer sales, and amenities that add playfulness and convenience to the consumer experience.

Asset Management

Pacific Retail continues to anticipate opportunities, navigate roadblocks and create thoughtful solutions to retail challenges that keep our assets relevant and produce positive economic results for our partners.

Property Management

PRCP is 100% in the moment – evaluating, listening, prioritizing, and taking decisive action in real-time. This approach makes Pacific Retail a game changer in asset management.


Sustainability is a fundamental operating principle of PRCP and we focus on eight key initiatives to reduce CO2 and increase NOI.

Asset Management

We are investment professionals with broad market expertise. We utilize diverse complex investment strategies to generate returns for our investors. This includes not only providing professional advice, but also making investment decisions based on each client’s investment strategy, risk tolerance, and financial situation.


Pacific Retail Capital Partners takes a comprehensive approach to operational property management. We grow an asset’s value by creating a property that draws guests and tenants alike, as well as attracting quality investors on exit from investment.

Through leveraging deep retail management experience, PRCP serves as a turnkey operating partner for centers, maximizing cash flow and improving operational efficiencies. Pacific Retail Capital Partners is adept in crafting a compelling vision for the future of a specific asset and proficient in master planning to densify sites and bring more visitors to the asset. From analysis and underwriting, to redevelopment and operations, PRCP provides in-depth guidance and expertise to improve the value for its investors and partners. Sales productivity, net operating income, data collection, dwell time and foot traffic are monitored and measured. Combined with management best practices, these enhancements have attracted REITs and institutions as investors. PRCP is driving the evolution to transform the regional mall into a retail-led mixed-use property.


Sustainability is a fundamental operating principle of PRCP as we believe it brings long-term value to the centers we operate and the communities that those centers reside. We invest in cost-saving operational initiatives, customer-centric design, and environmentally sustainable infrastructure.

Pursuit of Green Building Certifications where applicable, including LEED certification wherever possible.

Commitment to converting common area lighting to longer lasting, energy-saving LED bulbs, often with immediate ROI and significant operational cost-savings.

Introduction of drought-tolerant and environmentally-friendly landscaping to the interior and exterior of our properties to reduce overall water dependency.

Active recycling of property materials. In 2019 alone, recycling best practices resulted in diverting approximately 1,300 tons of recyclable materials from landfills.

Adopted a targeted economizer approach to energy management systems of HVAC systems. To increase the frequency of fresh air exchange at PRCP indoor centers during the pandemic, this improves efficiency, reduces carbon emissions, and maintains consistent temperature all while reducing costs.

Commitment to facility management vendors committed to environmental sustainability, which includes upholding the usage of environmentally friendly cleaning products, encouraging reduction in paper goods where possible, and identifying water saving techniques and procedures while maintaining the center.

Introduction of food-waste programs at select properties to reduce the amount of tenant food waste.

Technology, powered by partners, for real-time tracking that maximizes efficiencies related to waste and hauling.